Minutes from the 2009 Annual Meeting

Meeting called to order by Denny Arthur

First order of business, Kim Breen announced the winners of the fishing contest and presented boating trophies. The fishing trophies were awarded after the tournament concluded.

Denny thanked Kirk Jorgensen and Kim Breen for stepping up in the absence of Jim and Connie Thompson and taking over the organization of the 4th of July activities. Denny also asked that Jim be kept in everyone’s prayers while he was in the hospital recovering from surgery. He also thanked Kim for putting together the event flyers for the past year and making sure they were distributed, and Kirk for his help in mowing and trash removal.

Announced that he had a few copies of our financials if anyone wanted to look them over, we have approximately $16K in our account.

Denny recapped the Easter Egg Hunt as being a good success with another appearance by the Easter Bunny to the delight of many youngsters. Denny commented that our Halloween party was a lot of fun for those that attended, and reminded people that these activities are for all to enjoy.

He addressed the issue with the grass in the lake. We have ordered grass carp, waiting for delivery; apparently our initial order was mis-placed. He stated that the DNR books now say that it’s very good for the lakes and ponds to have grass as it helps absorb the nutrients left by our feathered friends. It is also good habitat for the fish. However, there is too much grass and hopefully the fish come soon.

Discussed how our lake is maintained by a group of volunteers who do the mowing, cutting and hauling, because quotes from professionals range from $800-$1000 per trip and especially in the spring 2 x a week would be necessary. Also spoke of the Ash Beetle that is in Iowa now, and the possibility we will soon have to have the big trees in the park removed at great expense. He talked about the possibility that we would have to line the drainage pipe for the lake in the future, and that we wouldn’t have choice in the matter, the city wouldn’t let us have a huge mud patch! He also thanked John Martinez for his back breaking labor of snow and ice removal along 86th Street.

Then he announced that the Board had voted and approved a $10 per household increase in dues starting in 2010. It was asked if anyone had any comments or issues with that, there were none, so it was voted by a show of hands to approve the increase, vote was unanimous. This will be approximate $2700 additional revenue per year.

Denny then asked John Martinez if he wanted to be on the board again as he was up for re-election, to which John agreed. Denny also said he was up for re-election, and asked if there was anyone that wanted to be on the board, to which Kim Breen nominated Damon Yaeger. Damon agreed. Denny motioned for a vote and all were elected.

Denny asked if there were any questions or concerns. There was a concern of no Orange Soda this year, but otherwise the picnic was successful. Christy Burgess stood and said that she wanted to thank the volunteers who work to keep the area cleaned and it was very much appreciated. Everyone clapped and responded in kind.

Meeting adjourned.