Minutes from the 2016 Annual Meeting

1. Call the meeting to order.

2. Prior Year Annual Meeting Minutes

 • The annual meeting minutes for 2015 are on our website.

3. 2016 Financials

 • Jim Thompson, our treasurer, discussed financials and 2016 budget.

 • Requested to be put on line each month, with outstanding bills.

 • $3,187 currently owed in back due Association dues and late fees.

4. Introduced the Board members.

 • Kirk Jorgensen, VP

 • Jim Thompson is a friend of the board, but he’s our treasurer.

 • Kim Jorgensen is our secretary.

 • Other Board Members: Steve Hasbrouck, John Martinez, Brian Stammer, Dutch Timm, Damon Yaeger.

5. Acknowledge volunteers. These people deserve special thanks for the volunteer work they do for Lake Halice:

 • Damon Yaeger, his daughter Macey, and Kirk Jorgensen do the mowing and trimming.

 • Jim Thompson is a retired CPA. Does our books and budget. Jim and his wife Connie also do work around the lake and are responsible for cleaning up the jungle between the dam and 86 Street a few years ago. A monumental job.

 • Kim Jorgensen is our secretary. Kim is responsible for bookkeeping, billing, banking, flyers, and numerous other jobs.

 • Jon Olson manages our website.

 • Vicki Likteig organizes our annual garage sale.

 • All of the board members help out with different jobs throughout the year. We owe them a big thanks. As I outlined in my response to Jim Conlin, these people donate a minimum of $10,500 worth of time each year.

6. Emerald Ash Bore

 • The ash bore was discovered in Colby Woods about a mile from here last year.

 • Andy Fales gave us an update from his learnings reporting on TV

 • We have signed a contract with Wright Tree Service to inject our very large ash trees. The injections must be done every two years. Andy helped us get a very favorable rate of $2250 for all six trees.

 • It was agreed by majority at meeting to treat the trees

 • Also was brought up that we should solicit donations from LHHOA members for replacement trees, and to offset the cost of treatments(to date 8/1/2016 we have received $100 in donations).

7. Easter Egg Hunt - Another successful event attended by about 65 children.

8. Annual Garage Sale - Our garage sale appeared to be a success.

9. Shape of the Lake

 • The lake seems to be in great shape. Fishermen are catching lots of nice bass that appear to be fat and healthy. The water is clear. Ideally we need some grass in the Lake to use up the nutrients supplied by our goose herd. The grass carp are not full grown yet so it remains to be seen what the lake will be like grass-wise when they reach full size in full eating capacity.

 • Discussed possibly solutions for geese problems. Check into Swan rental again next year.

 • Reminder to not feed geese.

10. Lawsuit with Jim Conlin

 • Settled, payment received.

 • 65 apartments – 3 votes

11. Articles of Incorporation

 • Amend article V and the amendment to article V. The part of the sentence that says the membership fees that all such owners will be subject shall be not less than six dollars nor more than $25 annually shall be removed and replaced by the membership fees shall be $35 per lot or an amount voted by the majority of members at the annual meeting.
One opposed, majority in favor.

 • Amend article VIII and amendment to article VIII. The regular meeting of the Lake Halice homeowners shall be held on the Saturday before, the Saturday of, or two Saturdays after 4 July and any day in between as determined by the Board of Directors. Each member shall be notified by letter, by hand, or cyber delivery to their last known Lake Halice address of record. The regular annual meeting of the directors shall be held immediately after the regular annual meeting.
All in favor.

12. Vote on Board Members with expired terms or new candidates.



 Denny Arthur (2016) *Reelected (2018)


 Kirk Jorgensen (2017)


 Jim Thompson (Friend of the Board)


 Kim Jorgensen (Friend of the Board)

Legal Support

 Cliff Swartz (Cliff has all records for the entire history of Lake Halice Association)

 Dave Isaacson

Other Board Members

 Steve Hasbrock (2017)

 John Martinez (2016) * Reelected (2019)

 Brian Stamer (2017)

 Dutch Timm (2017)

 Damon Yaeger (2017)

 Nick Roberson (2019) *Newly elected (2019)

13. Adjourn Lake Halice Home Owners Association Annual Meeting

14. Annual Meeting of Board of Directors

 Due to length of meeting, Board of Directors to be held next week.