Minutes from the 2019 Annual Meeting

1. Call the meeting to order

 • Call the meeting to order.

 • Thank everyone for coming and for bringing all the special dishes.

2. Prior Year Annual Meeting Minutes

 • I have 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes with me if you would like me to read them.

3. 2018 Financials

 • Jim Thompson, our treasurer, is out of town. Denny Arthur will discuss 2018 financials and 2019 budget.

 • Vote to approve financials and budget.

4. Introduce the Board members

 • Jim Thompson, Friend of the Board, Treasurer.

 • Kim Jorgensen, Secretary.

 • Other Board Members: Damon Yaeger, Brian Stammer, Dutch Timm, Nick Roberson, and Jeff Jackson.

5. Acknowledge volunteers. These people deserve special thanks for the volunteer work they do for Lake Halice:

 • Damon Yaeger does mowing, lumberjacking and most other jobs.

 • Macie Yaeger assists her Dad and also plays the Easter Bunny!

 • Judy and Jerry Roberts are mowing the park area.

 • Jim Thompson, a retired CPA, does all our accounting.

 • Kim Jorgensen, Secretary. Kim is responsible for bookkeeping, billing, banking, flyers, and numerous other jobs.

 • Jon Olson manages our website.

 • Vicki Likteig organizes our annual garage sale.

 • Mike Arthur, Friend of the Board, helps with numerous jobs around the lake.

 • All of the board members help out with various jobs throughout the year.

  We owe these volunteers a huge thank you. We have estimated that they do over $10,000/year in volunteer work. Without their efforts we would need a hefty increase in dues. Thank you to all the volunteers!

6. New Secretary

 •  Recently, Dani Timm has agreed to take over the Secretary duties. We will vote on this later in the meeting. I'm excited to have Dani with us. She has indicated she has ideas to streamline the Secretary's duties. Anything we can do to make things easier is a bonus.

7. Emerald Ash Bore

 • Wright Service continues to inject our Ash trees every other year. The cost is $2250 every two years.

8. Easter Egg Hunt

 • We had about 50 kids and as usual they had a great time. The Easter Bunny once again made an appearance for pictures!

9. Annual Garage Sales

 • It appears to me that volume of participants is down.

 • We hold it the weekend before Urbandale Cleanup. Does anyone have a suggestion for a different date or is this date satisfactory?

10. Shape of the Lake

 • The lake seems to be in excellent shape. We still have grass, but it is needed to use the nutrients left by our goose herd. I've seen more fish caught this year than ever. They seem to be lively, healthy, and large. It appears all fishermen are using catch and release. Any questions about the lake?

11. GroundHogs

 • Last year, we trapped five groundhogs and one was killed, possibly by an owl.

 • Groundhogs dig large, deep dens with three entrances which could easily ruin our dam.

 • We have not seen any yet this year. If you do see one, please let Denny know, and he will trap it. 515-276-8199

 • Trapping groundhogs will be an ongoing effort, as we just can't have these animals in the area.

12. Drain in the Apartment Parking Lot

 • We installed a cage around the drain that will keep the debris from blocking it, while still allowing the water to pass through. The broken curb has been fixed. These solutions appear to be working perfectly.

13. Lake Overflow

 • Attention must be paid to this overflow any time we have heavy rains and high winds. It doesn't always plug, but needs attention when it does. Denny and Mike have already cleared it once this year.

14. Wood Duck Houses

 • We had a hen wood duck with about ten ducklings this year. We only saw the ducklings once, so we are assuming the mother moved them or the bass ate them. Maybe we will have better luck next year.

15. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

 • Per last year's annual meeting, our Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws were updated and the Amendments were filed with the Secretary of State and the Recorder's Office.

 • The approved Amendments were worded in an open-ended manner so they would not have to be changed in the future.

 • Denny has created "cliff notes" for the Articles and By-Laws to allow for a quick overview of the important points.

16. Lake Halice Operations Manual

 • Denny has almost completed an operations manual for Lake Halice. Included within the manual will be information regarding the lake, fish, maintenance, dam, and other topics as well. He condensed it all in a few pages and included a simple outline. When he is done, he will ask other long-time members to review his work and offer any additions.

17. Additional Volunteers

 • We'd like to have volunteers for emergency situations around the lake. Examples might include a fallen tree, emergency cleanup due to storm, etc. If you would like to add your name to this list, please contact Denny.'

18. Are there any questions or comments?

19. Vote for an extension for all Board Members. Nomination for Dani Timm.



 Denny Arthur


 Open - Board will decide


 Jim Thompson (Friend of the Board)


 Kim Jorgensen (until Dani is voted in)

Legal Support

 Dave Isaacson

Other Board Members

 Nick Roberson (2017)

 Brian Stamer (2017)

 Dutch Timm (2017)

 Damon Yaeger (2017)

 Jeff Jackson (2018)

 Dani Timm was elected to the Board of Directors on 7/6/2019

20. Adjourn Lake Halice Home Owners Association Annual Meeting

Lake Halice 2019 Annual Meeting of Board of Directors - July 6, 2019

1. Call to Order the Annual Meeting of Board of Directors

 • Vote on Officers (see above)

    Secretary and Vice President

      • Damon Yaeger was voted Vice President on 7/6/2019

      • Dani Timm was voted Secretary on 7/6/2019

 • Other business to discuss?

2. Adjourn the Annual Meeting of Board of Directors