Minutes from the 2014 Annual Meeting

President, Denny Arthur, called the meeting to order.

He thanked the members for coming and bringing such great food.

The results from the fishing contest were announced and trophies were passed out.

The Financials were discussed and approved. This includes the Statement of Receipts and Disbursements and the Budget.

The Board was thanked for another year of hard work, including much volunteer work.

Special thanks was given to the following volunteers:

  Damon Yaeger and his daughter, Macy - Majority of the mowing, trimming, lumberjacking.

  Jim Thompson - Bookwork and financials

  Kim Breem - Secretary, bookkeeping, billing, banking, and flyers

  Vicki Likteig - Garage sale

  Jon Olson - Website

Garage Sale — It was suggested that the garage sale be held a little later next year, maybe in June.

Dam — The dam looks good with new riprap (broken concrete) and in good shape. The brome grass didn’t take, so that will need to be done again.

Lake — The Lake is in good shape, but it still has lots of weeds. Board and members authorized the purchase of 100 additional grass carp. Denny Arthur will buy the grass carp and charge the Association when finances are in good shape. Kirk and Brian sprayed some chemicals to eliminate some grass. This treatment worked to some degree.

Overflow — The new overflow extension seems to work well. It still needs to be cleaned occasionally.

Law Suit — The Lakeview Apartment Complex lawsuit was discussed. It is ongoing at this time. For details, contact Dennis Arthur 276-8199.

Ash Trees in the Park — Emerald Ash Borer is getting closer to Des Moines. We will have to deal with this problem as needed. Will plant some new trees as we go along and as funds are available.

Burnt down house on 88th Court — Some complaints were voiced regarding the burnt down house.
Follow-up conducted after meeting by Denny Arthur: Denny talked to the Public Works department, City Manager, and the City Attorney. They have all assured him they are working hard on the problem. If anyone would like to talk to the City Attorney, his name is Bob Layden (266-6000 or cell 306-1087).

Electric Poles side by side on New York Avenue — A compliant was voiced during the meeting about two electric poles side by side. The homeowner wanted only one.
Follow-up conducted after meeting by Denny Arthur: Denny called MidAmerican Energy. They said the second pole belonged to the phone company and it was the phone company’s job to remove it. MidAmerican contacted the phone company and the pole has been removed.

“Children at Play” signs in the Park — A question was raised about what happened to the Children at Play signs in the park.
Follow-up conducted after the meeting by Denny Arthur: Denny talked to Urbandale Parks and Recreation. Denny was told that the signs were removed because they were old. He was assured the signs would be replaced.


A vote was made to amend Article 2 and Article 11 of the Lake Halice Articles of Incorporation. The current Articles stated that notification for Annual Meetings or Special Elections are to be mailed. The Amendment would add that they could also be personally delivered. This Amendment was approved by unanimous vote. BOTH articles are AMENDED to INCLUDE that these notices can also be PERSONALLY DELIVERED. Both articles will now read: Notices can be Mailed OR Personally Delivered.

A vote was made to amend Article 8. The current Article read that the annual meeting would be held the Saturday before or the Saturday after the 4th of July. The amendment would add the Saturday after or on the 4th of July. (In 2015 the 4th of July will fall on Saturday!) This Amendment was approved by unanimous vote.

A vote was taken to classify the status of all past annual meetings or special meetings for which the notices were personally delivered (as governed by the Lake Halice bylaws). Per a unanimous vote, these meetings were classified as legal meetings and all votes taken during those meetings were classified as legal votes.

Election of Board Members — The following members were up for re-election to the Board and all were approved by unanimous vote:
  Denny Arthur
  Steve Hasbrook
  John Martinez
  Brian Stamer
  Damon Yaeger

The meeting was adjourned.

This meeting followed the Annual Meeting. The officers listed below were elected to new terms:

 Denny Arthur — President
 Kirk Jorgensen — Vice President
 Kim Breen — Secretary
 Jim Thompson — Treasurer

The meeting was adjourned.