Minutes from the 2018 Annual Meeting

1. Call the meeting to order

 • Call the meeting to order.

 • Thank everyone for coming and for bringing all the special dishes.

2. Guest Speaker - Andy Kellner

 • We have a special guest speaker today from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Andy Kellner.

 • Andy will talk on controlling the goose populate in the Lake Halice neighborhood.

3. Prior Year Annual Meeting Minutes

 • The annual Meeting Minutes for 2017 are on our website.

 • I have them with me if you would like me to read them.

4. 2017 Financials

 • Jim Thompson, our treasurer, will discuss financials and 2018 budget.

 • Vote to approve financials.

5. Introduced the Board members

 • Jim Thompson, Friend of the Board, Treasurer.

 • Kim Jorgensen, Secretary.

 • Other Board Members: Damon Yaeger, John Martinez, Brian Stammer, Dutch Timm and Nick Roberson.

6. Acknowledge volunteers. These people deserve special thanks for the volunteer work they do for Lake Halice:

 • Damon Yaeger and his daughter Macie do most of the mowing, lumberjacking.

 • Judy and Jerry Roberts are heloping with mowing the park area.

 • Jim Thompson, a retired CPA, does all our accounting.

 • Kim Jorgensen, Secretary. Kim is responsible for bookkeeping, billing, banking, flyers, and numerous other jobs.

 • Jon Olson manages our website.

 • Vicki Likteig organizes our annual garage sale.

 • Andy Fales and his family did a lake cleanup on Earth Day. Andy is our resident expert on the Emerald Ash Borer. Andy has worked with the DNR to help solve our goose problem.

 • Mike Arthur, Friend of the Board, helps with numerous jobs around the lake.

 • All of the board members help out with various jobs throughout the year.

  We owe these volunteers a huge thanks. We have estimated that they do over $10,000/year in volunteer work. Without their efforts we would need a hefty increase in dues. Thank you to all the volunteers!

7. Emerald Ash Bore

 • I mentioned the emerald ash borer.

 • Andy ... do you have any updates?

 • This is the year that Wright Service will inject our Ash trees. The cost is $2250 every two years. Andy helped us get this very favorable rate for all six trees. Thanks Andy.

8. Easter Egg Hunt

 • We had 40-50 kids and as usual they had a great time. Naturally, the Easter Bunny showed up for pictures!

9. Annual Garage Sales

 • Our garage sale did not appear to be as good as last year's.

 • We hold it the weekend before Urbandale Cleanup. Do we need to move it to a later date?

10. Shape of the Lake

 • The lake seems to be in good shape, but we have more grass than last year. This is possibly due to the extreme heat that started early in the year. You can see the bottom of the lake from the docks. The fish seem to be lively, fat and healthy. We have 200 grass carp that are not yet full grown. Our goal is to have the lake looking good and still have enough grass to consume the nutrients left by our goose herd.

 • There is now a trash can on the dock behind Camilio's house at 2721 Lakeland Dr.

11. Culvert

 • The culvert has been fixed.

 • The cost was $2800.

12. GroundHogs

 • We have an infestation of grounghogs. These animals dig large, deep holes and could ruin our dam.

 • We have trapped three around the lake and one was killed by something, possibly an owl.

 • If you have one on your property, me know, and I will trap it.

 • Trapping groundhogs will be an ongoing effort, as we just can't have these animals in the area.

13. Dam Update

 • I have started to aerate and over-seed the path across the dam every year.

 • It's important we have a good stand of grass to deter erosion of the dam.

14. Drain in the Apartment Parking Lot

 • Something must be done with the drain in the Apartment parking lot at the SW corner of the lake. It fills with debris and is easily plugged, which causes water to run over and erode the bank of the lake. My plan is to create a cage around the drain that will keep the debris from blocking the drain, while still allowing the water to pass.

15. Lake Overflow

 • The lake overflow was blocked by the heavy rain storm last week. The lake was probably 18 inches above normal elevation.

 • Michael and I had to clear it. This is not a hard job, but it is time consuming as small pieces of seaweed continually plug the grate back up.

 • Attention must be paid to this overflow any time we have heavy rains. It doesn't always plug, but needs attention when it does. This maintenance information will be included in the Lake Halice Documentary.

16. Great Horned Owl

 • A great horned owl has her nest in a tree at 2733 Lakeland.

 • The mother and her baby owl are currently clearing the area of rodents and rabbits.

 • If you have small animals, keep a close eye on them when outdoors.

17. Wood Duck Houses

 • The last couple of years we've had wood ducks around the lake having ducklings.

 • Michael and I put up two wood duck houses at the SE and SW corners of the lake.

18. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

 • Per last year's annual meeting, our Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws were updated and are ready for filing.

19. Lake Halice Binder

 • I am in the process of creating a Lake Halice Binder. The resulting collection of information will include documentation on the history of Lake Halice and all pertinent legal papers and opinions. Contained within the binder will be a "brain dump" from my 38 years of living in the Lake Halice area, including information regarding the lake, fish, maintenance, dam, and other topics as well. When I am done, I will ask other long-time members to review my work and offer any additions.

20. Are there any questions or comments?

Vote on Board Members with expired terms (italic) or new candidates



  Denny Arthur (2018) - Re-Elected


  Open - Board will decide


  Jim Thompson (Friend of the Board)


  Kim Jorgensen (2017)

  Legal Support

  Dave Isaacson

  Other Board Members

  John Martinez (2018) - resigned

  Nick Roberson (2017)

  Brian Stamer (2017)

  Dutch Timm (2017)

  Damon Yaeger (2017)

  Jeff Jackson (2018) - Elected to the Board

21. Adjourn Lake Halice Home Owners Association Annual Meeting

Lake Halice 2018 Annual Meeting of Board of Directors - July 7, 2018

The 2018 Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors was postponed to a later date.

1. Call to Order the Annual Meeting of Board of Directors

 • Vote on Officers (see above)

 • Other business to discuss?

2. Adjourn the Annual Meeting of Board of Directors