Minutes from the 2013 Annual Meeting

Denny Arthur called the meeting to order by announcing the winners of the fishing tournament and having Jim Thomson present awards.

Gwen Essex retired as Executive Secretary and unofficial lake historian but is still helping as a Friend of the Board. We appreciate all the time she has given to the Association and look forward to her passing along her knowledge.

In preparation for the DNR inspection of the dam The Board hired a company to rip rap the majority of the dam and remove the honeysuckle that had been growing. They also planted some Brome Grass on the East slope to help with erosion. More Brome Grass will need to be planted as the rains watch some away. The outlet drain also received a new 8″ mesh cap in hopes to not trapping all of the grasses and allowing water to flow thru so the lake does not flood. The DNR reported that our Dam was in good shape and the next inspection will be approximately 2017.

Other expenses this year out of the ordinary was the purchase of a commercial mower to be used by the volunteers who take care of the park property. All of the mowing, snow and trash removal is done by volunteers and the addition of the mower is a great asset to volunteers′ man hours.

The grass in the lake appears to be better than last year. This spring several hundred dollars of DNR approved grass killer was applied and it did a fairly good job of controlling it in those areas. Of course the lake is still recovering from the fish kill of several years ago, and the restocking of fish. It will take time for the fish to grow to maturity where they can better control the grass in the lake.

A reminder to everyone that our lake is Private Property and fishing is catch and release only. Members must accompany their guests when at the park area.

There was also a reminder not to feed the geese or the feral cats.

Kirk Jorgensen and Kim Breen were re-elected to the board. Dutch Timm was also elected, as well as K′la Novencido appointed to the board as Secretary.