Minutes from the 2015 Annual Meeting

1. President, Denny Arthur, called the meeting to order.

2. 2014 Annual Meeting: It was noted that the 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes were on the website for anyone interested. Miscellaneous follow-up notes from 2014 Annual Meeting were discussed:

 a. The burned down house was purchased by the Sullivans.

 b. The extra telephone pole was gone within a week after Denny contacted Mid-American Energy in 2014.

 c. Children at Play signs – needs additional follow-up!

3. The Financials were discussed and approved. The below items were also covered:

 a. Current balance of Money Market Account is $13,559. (Will need to build this up a lot more to pay for costs associated to the Emerald Ash Borer. Currently within a mile of Lake Halice in a park by Colby Woods. It is suggested that treatment is started.)

 b. Law Suit – The Association’s attorney, Dave Isaacson, will be paid a flat fee of $3,000. A proposed settlement has been sent to our attorney from Conlin’s attorney. We are working on a counter-proposal. A question was asked about if future dues increased, would the apartments have to pay the increase. The answer was Yes.

4. Discuss change in time for Annual Picnic: The time for future meetings will be changed from 3:00 p.m. back to 5:00 p.m. The 2016 Picnic and Meeting will be held the Saturday before the 4th (or July 2nd) at 5:00 p.m.

5. Fishing Contest: due to lack of interest there was not a fishing contest this year. It was decided that in 2016 there would be a fishing contest, including an adult division.

6. The Board was thanked for another year of hard work, including much volunteer work. Special thanks was given to the following volunteers:

 Damon Yaeger and his daughter, Macy – Majority of the mowing, trimming, lumberjacking.

 Jim and Connie Thompson – Bookwork, financials, and managing annual picnic.

 Kim Breem Jorgensen – Secretary, bookkeeping, billing, banking, and flyers.

 Vicki Lickteig – Annual Garage Sale

 Jon Olson – Website

7. Easter Egg Hunt: Roaring success! 65 kids and many thankful parents.

8. Garage Sales: No decisive feedback on “timing” for the garage was received. Some suggested the garage sale be held before the Urbandale Spring Cleanup.

9. Lake: The Lake is in good shape. The water is clear and they are catching some big fish. Algae is not a problem in the lake. We added 100 grass carp last year. It will be two more years before we know their affect. Need to make a decision on applying another copper sulfate treatment this year

10. Conlin Law Suit: Still in the works. Conlin’s attorney is putting together a proposal to settle it. The Board will counter and approve any proposals that seem acceptable to Lake Halice HOA.

11. Emerald Ash Borer: Details about the Emerald Ash Borer were discussed as well as treatment. A decision on treatment needs to be made before next year. Spring is the best time for effective treatment.

12. Questions: A question was asked about “renting” swans as a goose deterrent. Andrea offered to investigate this prior to the 2016 goose breeding season.

The annual meeting was adjourned.


2015 Board Meeting Minutes – July 4, 2015

The Board Meeting was called to order for Election of Board Members.

The board members listed below were elected by unanimous vote to new terms:

 Kirk Jorgensen

 Kim Breen Jorgensen

 Dutch Timm

The officers listed below were elected by unanimous vote to new terms:

 Denny Arthur – President

 Kirk Jorgensen – Vice President

 Kim Breen Jorgensen – Secretary

 Jim Thompson – Treasurer

The board meeting was adjourned.