Minutes from the Annual Meetings

2016 Minutes

1. Call the meeting to order.

2. Prior Year Annual Meeting Minutes

 • The annual meeting minutes for 2015 are on our website.

3. 2016 Financials

 • Jim Thompson, our treasurer, discussed financials and 2016 budget.

 • Requested to be put on line each month, with outstanding bills.

 • $3,187 currently owed in back due Association dues and late fees.

4. Introduced the Board members.

 • Kirk Jorgensen, VP

 • Jim Thompson is a friend of the board, but he’s our treasurer.

 • Kim Jorgensen is our secretary.

 • Other Board Members: Steve Hasbrouck, John Martinez, Brian Stammer, Dutch Timm, Damon Yaeger.

5. Acknowledge volunteers. These people deserve special thanks for the volunteer work they do for Lake Halice:

 • Damon Yaeger, his daughter Macey, and Kirk Jorgensen do the mowing and trimming.

 • Jim Thompson is a retired CPA. Does our books and budget. Jim and his wife Connie also do work around the lake and are responsible for cleaning up the jungle between the dam and 86 Street a few years ago. A monumental job.

 • Kim Jorgensen is our secretary. Kim is responsible for bookkeeping, billing, banking, flyers, and numerous other jobs.

 • Jon Olson manages our website.

 • Vicki Likteig organizes our annual garage sale.

 • All of the board members help out with different jobs throughout the year. We owe them a big thanks. As I outlined in my response to Jim Conlin, these people donate a minimum of $10,500 worth of time each year.

6. Emerald Ash Bore

 • The ash bore was discovered in Colby Woods about a mile from here last year.

 • Andy Fales gave us an update from his learnings reporting on TV

 • We have signed a contract with Wright Tree Service to inject our very large ash trees. The injections must be done every two years. Andy helped us get a very favorable rate of $2250 for all six trees.

 • It was agreed by majority at meeting to treat the trees

 • Also was brought up that we should solicit donations from LHHOA members for replacement trees, and to offset the cost of treatments(to date 8/1/2016 we have received $100 in donations).

7. Easter Egg Hunt - Another successful event attended by about 65 children.

8. Annual Garage Sale - Our garage sale appeared to be a success.

9. Shape of the Lake

 • The lake seems to be in great shape. Fishermen are catching lots of nice bass that appear to be fat and healthy. The water is clear. Ideally we need some grass in the Lake to use up the nutrients supplied by our goose herd. The grass carp are not full grown yet so it remains to be seen what the lake will be like grass-wise when they reach full size in full eating capacity.

 • Discussed possibly solutions for geese problems. Check into Swan rental again next year.

 • Reminder to not feed geese.

10. Lawsuit with Jim Conlin

 • Settled, payment received.

 • 65 apartments – 3 votes

11. Articles of Incorporation

 • Amend article V and the amendment to article V. The part of the sentence that says the membership fees that all such owners will be subject shall be not less than six dollars nor more than $25 annually shall be removed and replaced by the membership fees shall be $35 per lot or an amount voted by the majority of members at the annual meeting.
One opposed, majority in favor.

 • Amend article VIII and amendment to article VIII. The regular meeting of the Lake Halice homeowners shall be held on the Saturday before, the Saturday of, or two Saturdays after 4 July and any day in between as determined by the Board of Directors. Each member shall be notified by letter, by hand, or cyber delivery to their last known Lake Halice address of record. The regular annual meeting of the directors shall be held immediately after the regular annual meeting.
All in favor.

12. Vote on Board Members with expired terms or new candidates.



 Denny Arthur (2016) *Reelected (2018)


 Kirk Jorgensen (2017)


 Jim Thompson (Friend of the Board)


 Kim Jorgensen (Friend of the Board)

Legal Support

 Cliff Swartz (Cliff has all records for the entire history of Lake Halice Association)

 Dave Isaacson

Other Board Members

 Steve Hasbrock (2017)

 John Martinez (2016) * Reelected (2019)

 Brian Stamer (2017)

 Dutch Timm (2017)

 Damon Yaeger (2017)

 Nick Roberson (2019) *Newly elected (2019)

13. Adjourn Lake Halice Home Owners Association Annual Meeting

14. Annual Meeting of Board of Directors

 Due to length of meeting, Board of Directors to be held next week.

2015 Minutes

1. President, Denny Arthur, called the meeting to order.

2. 2014 Annual Meeting: It was noted that the 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes were on the website for anyone interested. Miscellaneous follow-up notes from 2014 Annual Meeting were discussed:

 a. The burned down house was purchased by the Sullivans.

 b. The extra telephone pole was gone within a week after Denny contacted Mid-American Energy in 2014.

 c. Children at Play signs – needs additional follow-up!

3. The Financials were discussed and approved. The below items were also covered:

 a. Current balance of Money Market Account is $13,559. (Will need to build this up a lot more to pay for costs associated to the Emerald Ash Borer. Currently within a mile of Lake Halice in a park by Colby Woods. It is suggested that treatment is started.)

 b. Law Suit – The Association’s attorney, Dave Isaacson, will be paid a flat fee of $3,000. A proposed settlement has been sent to our attorney from Conlin’s attorney. We are working on a counter-proposal. A question was asked about if future dues increased, would the apartments have to pay the increase. The answer was Yes.

4. Discuss change in time for Annual Picnic: The time for future meetings will be changed from 3:00 p.m. back to 5:00 p.m. The 2016 Picnic and Meeting will be held the Saturday before the 4th (or July 2nd) at 5:00 p.m.

5. Fishing Contest: due to lack of interest there was not a fishing contest this year. It was decided that in 2016 there would be a fishing contest, including an adult division.

6. The Board was thanked for another year of hard work, including much volunteer work. Special thanks was given to the following volunteers:

 Damon Yaeger and his daughter, Macy – Majority of the mowing, trimming, lumberjacking.

 Jim and Connie Thompson – Bookwork, financials, and managing annual picnic.

 Kim Breem Jorgensen – Secretary, bookkeeping, billing, banking, and flyers.

 Vicki Lickteig – Annual Garage Sale

 Jon Olson – Website

7. Easter Egg Hunt: Roaring success! 65 kids and many thankful parents.

8. Garage Sales: No decisive feedback on “timing” for the garage was received. Some suggested the garage sale be held before the Urbandale Spring Cleanup.

9. Lake: The Lake is in good shape. The water is clear and they are catching some big fish. Algae is not a problem in the lake. We added 100 grass carp last year. It will be two more years before we know their affect. Need to make a decision on applying another copper sulfate treatment this year

10. Conlin Law Suit: Still in the works. Conlin’s attorney is putting together a proposal to settle it. The Board will counter and approve any proposals that seem acceptable to Lake Halice HOA.

11. Emerald Ash Borer: Details about the Emerald Ash Borer were discussed as well as treatment. A decision on treatment needs to be made before next year. Spring is the best time for effective treatment.

12. Questions: A question was asked about “renting” swans as a goose deterrent. Andrea offered to investigate this prior to the 2016 goose breeding season.

The annual meeting was adjourned.


2015 Board Meeting Minutes – July 4, 2015

The Board Meeting was called to order for Election of Board Members.

The board members listed below were elected by unanimous vote to new terms:

 Kirk Jorgensen

 Kim Breen Jorgensen

 Dutch Timm

The officers listed below were elected by unanimous vote to new terms:

 Denny Arthur – President

 Kirk Jorgensen – Vice President

 Kim Breen Jorgensen – Secretary

 Jim Thompson – Treasurer

The board meeting was adjourned.

2014 Minutes

President, Denny Arthur, called the meeting to order.

He thanked the members for coming and bringing such great food.

The results from the fishing contest were announced and trophies were passed out.

The Financials were discussed and approved. This includes the Statement of Receipts and Disbursements and the Budget.

The Board was thanked for another year of hard work, including much volunteer work.

Special thanks was given to the following volunteers:

  Damon Yaeger and his daughter, Macy - Majority of the mowing, trimming, lumberjacking.

  Jim Thompson - Bookwork and financials

  Kim Breem - Secretary, bookkeeping, billing, banking, and flyers

  Vicki Likteig - Garage sale

  Jon Olson - Website

Garage Sale — It was suggested that the garage sale be held a little later next year, maybe in June.

Dam — The dam looks good with new riprap (broken concrete) and in good shape. The brome grass didn’t take, so that will need to be done again.

Lake — The Lake is in good shape, but it still has lots of weeds. Board and members authorized the purchase of 100 additional grass carp. Denny Arthur will buy the grass carp and charge the Association when finances are in good shape. Kirk and Brian sprayed some chemicals to eliminate some grass. This treatment worked to some degree.

Overflow — The new overflow extension seems to work well. It still needs to be cleaned occasionally.

Law Suit — The Lakeview Apartment Complex lawsuit was discussed. It is ongoing at this time. For details, contact Dennis Arthur 276-8199.

Ash Trees in the Park — Emerald Ash Borer is getting closer to Des Moines. We will have to deal with this problem as needed. Will plant some new trees as we go along and as funds are available.

Burnt down house on 88th Court — Some complaints were voiced regarding the burnt down house.
Follow-up conducted after meeting by Denny Arthur: Denny talked to the Public Works department, City Manager, and the City Attorney. They have all assured him they are working hard on the problem. If anyone would like to talk to the City Attorney, his name is Bob Layden (266-6000 or cell 306-1087).

Electric Poles side by side on New York Avenue — A compliant was voiced during the meeting about two electric poles side by side. The homeowner wanted only one.
Follow-up conducted after meeting by Denny Arthur: Denny called MidAmerican Energy. They said the second pole belonged to the phone company and it was the phone company’s job to remove it. MidAmerican contacted the phone company and the pole has been removed.

“Children at Play” signs in the Park — A question was raised about what happened to the Children at Play signs in the park.
Follow-up conducted after the meeting by Denny Arthur: Denny talked to Urbandale Parks and Recreation. Denny was told that the signs were removed because they were old. He was assured the signs would be replaced.


A vote was made to amend Article 2 and Article 11 of the Lake Halice Articles of Incorporation. The current Articles stated that notification for Annual Meetings or Special Elections are to be mailed. The Amendment would add that they could also be personally delivered. This Amendment was approved by unanimous vote. BOTH articles are AMENDED to INCLUDE that these notices can also be PERSONALLY DELIVERED. Both articles will now read: Notices can be Mailed OR Personally Delivered.

A vote was made to amend Article 8. The current Article read that the annual meeting would be held the Saturday before or the Saturday after the 4th of July. The amendment would add the Saturday after or on the 4th of July. (In 2015 the 4th of July will fall on Saturday!) This Amendment was approved by unanimous vote.

A vote was taken to classify the status of all past annual meetings or special meetings for which the notices were personally delivered (as governed by the Lake Halice bylaws). Per a unanimous vote, these meetings were classified as legal meetings and all votes taken during those meetings were classified as legal votes.

Election of Board Members — The following members were up for re-election to the Board and all were approved by unanimous vote:
  Denny Arthur
  Steve Hasbrook
  John Martinez
  Brian Stamer
  Damon Yaeger

The meeting was adjourned.

This meeting followed the Annual Meeting. The officers listed below were elected to new terms:

 Denny Arthur — President
 Kirk Jorgensen — Vice President
 Kim Breen — Secretary
 Jim Thompson — Treasurer

The meeting was adjourned.

2013 Minutes

Denny Arthur called the meeting to order by announcing the winners of the fishing tournament and having Jim Thomson present awards.

Gwen Essex retired as Executive Secretary and unofficial lake historian but is still helping as a Friend of the Board. We appreciate all the time she has given to the Association and look forward to her passing along her knowledge.

In preparation for the DNR inspection of the dam The Board hired a company to rip rap the majority of the dam and remove the honeysuckle that had been growing. They also planted some Brome Grass on the East slope to help with erosion. More Brome Grass will need to be planted as the rains watch some away. The outlet drain also received a new 8″ mesh cap in hopes to not trapping all of the grasses and allowing water to flow thru so the lake does not flood. The DNR reported that our Dam was in good shape and the next inspection will be approximately 2017.

Other expenses this year out of the ordinary was the purchase of a commercial mower to be used by the volunteers who take care of the park property. All of the mowing, snow and trash removal is done by volunteers and the addition of the mower is a great asset to volunteers′ man hours.

The grass in the lake appears to be better than last year. This spring several hundred dollars of DNR approved grass killer was applied and it did a fairly good job of controlling it in those areas. Of course the lake is still recovering from the fish kill of several years ago, and the restocking of fish. It will take time for the fish to grow to maturity where they can better control the grass in the lake.

A reminder to everyone that our lake is Private Property and fishing is catch and release only. Members must accompany their guests when at the park area.

There was also a reminder not to feed the geese or the feral cats.

Kirk Jorgensen and Kim Breen were re-elected to the board. Dutch Timm was also elected, as well as K′la Novencido appointed to the board as Secretary.

2012 Minutes

Meeting opened by Denny Arthur

Discussed change from having picnic/meeting on July 4th to the Saturday following the 4th.

Motioned and passed that meeting would be Saturday after 4th going forward.

Denny discussed the difficulty with the lake grasses and the addition of more grass carp this year. We have bought and spread some chemicals to help control the weeds around the dock area for fishing. He also asked for volunteers to help with clearing the dam area or providing rip-rap for shoreline. Possibility of hiring someone to clear much of the dam area since the DNR is scheduled to inspect. He will get an estimate and have the board vote on it.

New grate top for the lake outlet has been ordered so that there is a 8-10” grate standing on top of the outlet with a cover so that grass cannot build up on all sides and clog the outlet and raise the lake level. It will be installed by board members.

New (used) commercial grade lawn mower was purchased by the association so volunteers can continue to mow common areas.

Denny thanked all the Board Members and volunteers for their help in putting on the Easter Egg hunt, and Jim and Connie Thompson for organizing the fishing contest and picnic. He thanked Board Members for their help in clearing some of the brush around the dam and all the mowing.

Damon Yaeger was able to haul in some old playground equipment which he will use to make some fishing platforms around the lake. Volunteers would be appreciated, they can contact Damon.

Opened floor to questions, there were none, and meeting was adjourned.

2011 Minutes

Meeting called to order by Denny Arthur. Damon, Bart, John, Denny, Steve, Ken and Brian were present. Jim Thompson, treasurer was present.

The new business was the election of officers.

It was moved and seconded that:

Denny Arthur would continue as president.

Kirk Jorgensen would continue as vice president.

Jim Thompson would continue as treasurer.

Denny asked if there were any questions or concerns.

A concern was expressed by Jude Dickson about a property that borders her on the south. What can the board do about the owner violating code on the property? The owner currently has Lake Halice liens on the property. Has the homeowner violated any covenant restriction on the abstract? Is there a time limit on violations? Denny agreed that our lawyer, Cliff Swartz, would be contacted to see if there was anything Lake Halice could do.

The Annual Meeting was adjourned.

2009 Minutes

Meeting called to order by Denny Arthur

First order of business, Kim Breen announced the winners of the fishing contest and presented boating trophies. The fishing trophies were awarded after the tournament concluded.

Denny thanked Kirk Jorgensen and Kim Breen for stepping up in the absence of Jim and Connie Thompson and taking over the organization of the 4th of July activities. Denny also asked that Jim be kept in everyone’s prayers while he was in the hospital recovering from surgery. He also thanked Kim for putting together the event flyers for the past year and making sure they were distributed, and Kirk for his help in mowing and trash removal.

Announced that he had a few copies of our financials if anyone wanted to look them over, we have approximately $16K in our account.

Denny recapped the Easter Egg Hunt as being a good success with another appearance by the Easter Bunny to the delight of many youngsters. Denny commented that our Halloween party was a lot of fun for those that attended, and reminded people that these activities are for all to enjoy.

He addressed the issue with the grass in the lake. We have ordered grass carp, waiting for delivery; apparently our initial order was mis-placed. He stated that the DNR books now say that it’s very good for the lakes and ponds to have grass as it helps absorb the nutrients left by our feathered friends. It is also good habitat for the fish. However, there is too much grass and hopefully the fish come soon.

Discussed how our lake is maintained by a group of volunteers who do the mowing, cutting and hauling, because quotes from professionals range from $800-$1000 per trip and especially in the spring 2 x a week would be necessary. Also spoke of the Ash Beetle that is in Iowa now, and the possibility we will soon have to have the big trees in the park removed at great expense. He talked about the possibility that we would have to line the drainage pipe for the lake in the future, and that we wouldn’t have choice in the matter, the city wouldn’t let us have a huge mud patch! He also thanked John Martinez for his back breaking labor of snow and ice removal along 86th Street.

Then he announced that the Board had voted and approved a $10 per household increase in dues starting in 2010. It was asked if anyone had any comments or issues with that, there were none, so it was voted by a show of hands to approve the increase, vote was unanimous. This will be approximate $2700 additional revenue per year.

Denny then asked John Martinez if he wanted to be on the board again as he was up for re-election, to which John agreed. Denny also said he was up for re-election, and asked if there was anyone that wanted to be on the board, to which Kim Breen nominated Damon Yaeger. Damon agreed. Denny motioned for a vote and all were elected.

Denny asked if there were any questions or concerns. There was a concern of no Orange Soda this year, but otherwise the picnic was successful. Christy Burgess stood and said that she wanted to thank the volunteers who work to keep the area cleaned and it was very much appreciated. Everyone clapped and responded in kind.

Meeting adjourned.

2008 Minutes

The Lake Halice Annual Meeting called to order by the president, Denny Arthur.

The first order of business was the awarding of the trophies by Jim Thompson. He awarded by age group, size of fish and biggest fish. Then the boating awards were given.

Denny Arthur then recapped the year.

The first major discussion was the fish kill. Volunteers removed over 200 carp, bass, crappie and blue gill out of the lake and filled a huge dumpster over 2/3 full. The cause of the fish kill was attributed to excessive geese population and high temperature of the water, and the algae bloom which deprived the fish of oxygen.

The lake has been restocked with 250 bass approximately 10-12" at this time.

Denny then thanked Jim and Connie Thompson for all their hard-work cleaning the dike area on the east side of the lake along 86th Street.

Denny reported that the Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success based in part to the arrival of the "REAL" Easter bunny. Approximately 75 children participated.

The Lake Halice Garage Sale was reported to be a huge success also. The feed-back reportedly liked having it the week before Spring Pick-up, so it will be scheduled again for that time next year.

Denny reported that 6 pair of geese had families at the lake this year.

Denny then opened up for questions and comments. Concerning the 4th of July picnic, a request was made for diet, caffeine-free pop and less sliced beef.

Denny praised the long service to Lake Halice Board of Jim Hayes who has retired.

An election of new members was held and Sue Vance and Julie Reynolds were added to the board and Jim Thompson becomes a "Friend of the Board" and Leslie Sullivan has gone off the board. Dave Bosman, Bart White and Brick Volkmer were re-elected to the board.

The Annual Meeting was adjourned.