Minutes from the 2017 Annual Meeting

1. Call the meeting to order

 • Thank everyone for coming and for bringing all the special dishes.

2. Prior Year Annual Meeting Minutes

 • The annual Meeting Minutes for 2016 are on our website.

 • I have them with me if you would like me to read them.

3. 2016 Financials

 • Jim Thompson, our treasurer, will discuss financials and 2017 budget.

 • Vote to approve financials.

 • Unintended Expenses

   a We had a rotten cottonwood tree on the SW corner of the lake property that had to be cut down due to liability issues. The cost was $3,000 to cut down and $500 to remove the stump.

   b We have a corrugated culvert from the street on Lakeland to the lake. This culvert was placed there 60 years ago to divert water from the street to fill our lake. Part of that culvert has begun to disintegrate, which has created a ditch on the park property which must be addressed. We do not yet know the cost. A fence has been erected around the ditch for safety reasons.

   c Every two years we are going to have to inject our trees to kill the emerald ash borer. The expense will be $2,550 every two years. We will talk about the ash borer shortly.

   d No matter how much we plan, these types of unexpected expenses seem to continue to happen.

4. Introduced the Board members

 • Kirk Jorgensen, VP.

 • Jim Thompson is a friend of the board, but he's our treasuser.

 • Kim Jorgensen is our Secretary.

 • Other Board Members: Damon Yaeger, John Martinez, Brian Stammer, Dutch Timm and Nick Roberson.

5. Acknowledge volunteers. These people deserve special thanks for the volunteer work they do for Lake Halice:

 • Damon Yaeger does most of the mowing and lumberjacking. Kirk Jorgensen assists him.

 • Jim Thompson, a retired CPA, does all our accounting.

 • Kim Jorgensen, Secretary. Kim is responsible for bookkeeping, billing, banking, flyers, and numerous other jobs.

 • Jon Olson manages our website.

 • Vicki Likteig organizes our annual garage sale.

 • This year Judy Roberts painted the swings and teeter-totter.

 • Andy Fales and his family did a lake cleanup on Earth Day.

 • All of the board members help out with various jobs throughout the year.

 • We owe these volunteers a huge thanks. We have estimated that they do over $10,000/year in volunteer work. Without their efforts we would need a hefty increase in dues. Thank you to all the volunteers!

6. Emerald Ash Bore

 • I mentioned the emerald ash borer.

 • Andy Fales is our resident expert on our ash trees and the borer. Andy will give us an update.

 • We have signed a contract with Wright Service to inject our very large ash trees. The injections must be done every two years. Andy helped us get this very favorable rate of $2250 for all six trees. Thanks Andy.

7. Easter Egg Hunt

 • We didn't have quite as many kids this year, maybe 40-50, but as usual they had a great time. Naturally, the Easter Bunny showed up for pictures!

8. Annual Garage Sales

 • Our garage sale seemed to be one of the best ever. There were cars and shoppers everywhere.

9. Shape of the Lake

 • The lake seems to be in good shape. You can see the bottom of the lake from the docks. The fish seem to be lively, fat and healthy. We have 200 grass carp that are not yet full grown. Our goal is to have the lake looking good and still have enough grass to consume the nutrients left by our goose herd.

 • Andy's documentary on urban geese and mulberries.

10. Question from last year

 • Last year, we were asked about renting swans to scare away the geese. The only swans we could find were in Indiana and they were for sale, not rent.

11. Lawsuit Update

 • Dave Isaacson got a favorable outcome from our lawsuit with Jim Conlon. He was up against one of the city's major law firms. He also did us a huge favor by giving us a very reasonable rate. We owe Dave a big thank you!

12. Articles of Incorporation

 • Article 11

 • Amending the Articles of Incorporation

Are there any questions or comments?

Vote on Board Members with expired terms (italic) or new candidates



  Denny Arthur (2018)


  Kirk Jorgensen (2017) - Re-Elected


  Jim Thompson (Friend of the Board)


  Kim Jorgensen (2017)

  Legal Support

  Dave Isaacson

  Other Board Members

  John Martinez (2018)

  Nick Roberson (xxxx)

  Brian Stamer (2017)

  Dutch Timm (2017)

  Damon Yaeger (2017)

21. Adjourn Lake Halice Home Owners Association Annual Meeting

Call to Order the Annual Meeting of Board of Directors

 • Vote on Officers (see above)

 • Other business to discuss?

2. Adjourn the Annual Meeting of Board of Directors